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Old world varieties new to McLaren Vale

When McLaren Vale was established people planted what they knew and what they liked. Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon have long been grown in the region and are still the bulk of what McLaren Vale produces. However times change, what people like changes and the […]

A lunch unlike any other

Every month the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association has an event which I usually attend. In late 2020 we had a speed dating night at Shingleback where a few different association members were able to chat with other members and explain what they […]

The importance of fruit set

Fruit set is a vital part of a grapes development and determining how a vintage will be

Family Friendly Tours

I think most people will agree that wine tours are pretty great ways to spend a day. Many people will also say having kids is wonderful as well. Unfortunately, kids and wine tours don’t necessarily go together. Until now. This past week I took out […]

The Noble Grapes

While there are between 5,000 to 10,000 varieties of vitis vinifera (wine grapes) in the world only a percentage of these are made commercially. A good estimate is roughly 1,400 different varieties that are made and sold all over the globe. This single blog will […]

Spring time in a vineyard

McLaren Vale vineyard getting ready for spring

The Legend of McLaren Vale

Graham Stevens is the legend of McLaren Vale and this weekend was celebrated very well.

A visit to the newest McLaren Vale cellar door

McLaren Vale’s newest cellar door is a family friendly, welcoming spot that all customers will enjoy

McLaren Vale: the land of many vines and many wines

McLaren Vale is well known in the wine world for making elegant, soft and fruity wines. While this is true, the really special part of the region is the variety of wines that are made in such a small area. To add to this complexity […]

McLaren Vale Wine tours with lunch at the best restaurant in SA!

One of the best McLaren Vale Wine tours with lunch I’ve had so far was, funny enough, winners of an online competition I did with Winey Times. The winners received a day out in McLaren Vale with lunch at the Salopian Inn, voted the best […]