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McLaren Vale Private Wine Tours

McLaren Vale Private Wine Tours

My McLaren Vale offers McLaren Vale private wine tours for small groups looking for a unique experience and perspective on this world-class wine region.

If you’re lucky enough to live in, near or travel to a wine growing region, it is your duty to stop and enjoy what that area has to offer.

Wine has been made for thousands of years all around the world. We are now living in a time when modern technology has had enough time to collaborate with the centuries-old knowledge that has been passed down over generations. This has opened a whole new world of wine in every corner of the globe.

Doing a wine tour gives you a special viewing into the world that is the wine industry. From France to Spain to Romania to Chile to California to Japan to Australia and New Zealand. Vitis vinifera (wine grapes) is grown all over this wonderful planet of ours. And everyone does it differently.

There is a common thread amongst the winemakers around the world but each one puts their own unique touch onto their product. Whether it be their work with the viticulturalist, the time they choose to pick, how they process the fruit and whatever tricks they use on the wine afterwards. Each winery puts its fingerprint on its wines.

And those fingerprints change every year!

To be able to go out for one day and to see, smell, taste and experience what a region has to offer, is a luxury worth experiencing.

You never know who will walk through a cellar door and you never know what will be on tasting.

Get out there and experience this wonderful region of McLaren Vale and the hundreds of characters who make it the special place it is.

To experience this award-winning region for yourself, please get in touch and let Jon craft a personalised, McLaren Vale private wine tour, just for you!