Awarded Clive Simmonds Memorial Trophy – best ambassador for McLaren Vale in the Hospitality industry

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A lunch unlike any other

Every month the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association has an event which I usually attend. In late 2020 we had a speed dating night at Shingleback where a few different association members were able to chat with other members and explain what they did and share their story.

One of the stations on the night was in the kitchen at Shingleback where we were able to learn about and taste a sample dish from their chef’s winefood menu. Their chef Horst has been coming up with a very interesting winefood concept which he was able to explain and then tease us with a small tasting.

our shiraz sausage teaser dish

our shiraz sausage teaser dish

The idea is quite simple but the work and execution he uses is unmatched in the region. While sitting across from him in the kitchen, he explained how he uses wine in every dish he makes including wine reductions, verjuice butter, pasta and other things poached in wine and more.

The result is an amazing experience full of flavours that I’ve never tasted in my life. With this little teaser done I was sold and immediately booked my wife and I in for a lunch the next Sunday. Our experience was nothing short of amazing.

Starting with a glass of rose, we waited until the other guests arrived and the 8 of us went into the kitchen and found our spots across from the pass in his kitchen. Along with his sous chef, Horst began to explain his concept and we got right into it.

chefs enjoying themselves

Chefs enjoying their work

The four course meal couldn’t have been more interesting with fish poached in white wine, bread with verjuice butter, meats braised in wine reduction, vegetables sauted in wine and more. The flavours were so pronounced and unique and like nothing we had experienced before. The half of bottle of white and red helped the experience as well since some of that wine was used in the dishes he cooked.

For days my wife and I talked about the lunch, what was interesting and how he came up with those ideas. Chef Horst also offers a seafood lunch that uses locally sourced seafood with the same concepts. Soon my wife and I will head back and experience the full range of flavours in that special lunch offering as well.

When you get a chance come down to McLaren Vale on a Sunday, book into the Shingleback kitchen and experience something very unique in Australia, let alone the region or South Australia. You will not be disappointed.