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vines bud burst

Spring time in a vineyard

While it may not technically be spring time yet in McLaren Vale, there are signs showing that it’s coming. The biggest of those is what we call bud burst. That’s when the buds of the canes that have been pruned over the winter sprout and start growing. At this point they will be using nutrients taking up by the trunk of the vine rather than photosynthesis.

Over the next few weeks vines around the region will continue to burst and grow until they get a few leaves and small canes. After that we will have “fruit set” the potential fruit for the season will get set and start to develop. Around January the fruit will start going through veraison and ripen, ready for harvest.

It’s a wonderful signal of approaching warmth but also of all the hard work that is associated with it. Every year it comes around quickly for everyone involved in the industry.

bud burst

First bud burst of the season

mclaren vale vineyard

mclaren vale vineyard at the end of winter